You may be used to your dog being at the grooming salon for the majority of the day, sitting in a kennel waiting to get worked on or waiting for you to pick them up. Many of you know how stressful that experience can be for your dogs not to mention yourself. How many times have you called to get your dog groomed and were unable to get an appointment? How many of you have been charged extra at the time of pick up for things like: fleas, matting, “special” add-ons like dremeling (filing) nails, scented shampoos or even medicated shampoos?

We here at Wag This Way believe every dog is special! This is why we are now offering an all inclusive monthly membership based grooming service. (we will have a non-member rate) What does this mean for you and your dog? Your dog get the best spa day possible for his or her needs at no extra cost to you. Say “no more” to additional fees and let us do what's best for your dog. 

We are by appointment only, this way your dog is done in a timely manner. If you do not want to use our daycare service, you can pick up upon the groom being finished. Every grooming dog gets access to water as well as potty time before and after the spa day. However, We do include daycare for your dog after its groom. This allows you to run errands with peace of mind while your dog is playing and being cared for instead of being stuck in a kennel (providing your dog is dog-friendly and gets the okay to play).

Having your dog on a recurring four week grooming schedule provides many benefits not only to your dog but to you as well.

​The benefits for you include: Your dogs groom staying exactly the same price every time, always having an appointment reserved for your dog to be groomed, daycare if you need it, shorter nails = less scratching you and your stuff, less dog hair around the house, plus a cleaner happier dog to snuggle!

The benefits for your dog include: The grooming process becomes less stressful for your dog, they start to see it as a part of life instead of seeing as a punishment. This also allows your groomer to assess your dog for health concerns and inform you of things before or as they start. Regular grooming maintains a healthy skin and coat. Your dog won't have to be shaved or go through the pain of de-matting again. It Keeps their nails at the optimal length. Long nails can grow back into the pad, break off or even cause poor posture which makes your dogs joints ache. Your dog will be happier knowing he or she is looking and feeling their best at all times!

Are you worried about your dogs safety while at its spa day?

Everyone working at Wag This Way is proud to hold the AKC Safety In The Salon certification as well as holding multiple certifications in animal CPR and First Aid.