Wag This Way's daycare is more than just a place for your dog to play. It’s a place for your dog to play, socialize, learn and grow. We are a membership based daycare service. This allows us to provide structured consistent socialization and training for your dog.

This helps your dog outside of our daycare by keeping their social skills sharp so that when they meet dogs outside of our daycare they remember how to behave. We are a smaller daycare so we can give dogs more attention and training. We keep water accessible for your dogs the entire day. We are a climate controlled facility with an outdoor potty area (just like your dog is used to at home!).

We help you train your dog and build a stronger bond with your dog. We are not just a place for your dog to burn off energy. A tired dog is a good dog but a well behaved dog is the best dog!

Every dog that comes into our daycare program is required to be up to date on the rabies, bordetella, distemper vaccines and have a negative fecal test (for parasites) as well as be on monthly flea and tick preventative.

All our dogs are required to pass a temperament test prior to their first day of attendance into the daycare program. This is to make sure all our dogs are dog-friendly so they can have a safe, fun play day and that they can obey basic obedience commands.

Everyone working at Wag This Way holds multiple safety, CPR and First Aid certifications so that we can provide the safest play day for you dog.

What does your dog do during the day? What all is included in our daycare program you might ask?

Your dogs first bit of obedience training starts the moment you enter our building with your dog. We start our basic obedience training by teaching your dog to sit and wait at all entrances. This is a life saving skill for your dog to have. Your dog will learn not to dart out of doors. This is a skill that takes a lot of patience and practice so we will teach you how to transfer this skill to your home life.

All dogs go outside for a potty before entering the play floor. This teaches your dog to potty outside while here at daycare, for young puppies this helps to teach them potty training.

Each dog that is a member and is able, get’s to do a treadmill workout. Non-Members get to add this for $10. This helps to keep your dog in overall optimal physical shape to be able to play for the years to come. The treadmill workout also stimulates your dog mentally by giving your dog a new task to perform which helps them focus and improves overall behavior. After your dogs treadmill workout they are taken for another potty break.

Wag This Way offers walks and bike rides for dogs that are able (This is an add on service for $10, weather permitting).

Of course your dog gets play time with the other daycare dogs. During play time is when we help dogs build proper social skills. We monitor all play to make sure no dog is getting to rough or over tired. Throughout play time dogs are taken for potty breaks. We even teach your dog to ring a bell to go potty, this is a great skill you can practice at home.

We love adding basic obedience training to your dog’s daycare day, this adds a mental workout for your dog. We work “place” with every dog on rotation. By putting your dog in a “place” watching the other dogs play teaches your dog to remain calm during times of excitement. Once your dog learns “place” it is a great skill that can be transferred to home life (EX: having people over and your dog will be able to lay in place calmly instead jumping on people or having dinner and your dog laying calmly instead of begging).

All dogs love a good nap! Your dog may not be used to getting so much stimulation, this making nap time a very important part of your dog’s day because it allows them to rest mentaly and recharge physically. If you are kennel training your dog this is a great time for us to build a positive kennel experience. We believe all dogs should be kennel trained. The kennel does not have to be a bad place for your dog. It in fact, can be a safe space for your dog similar to a crib for a baby or a playpen for a toddler.

After the dogs nap they are taken for a potty and playtime begins again! During this round of play time we work threshold control just like when you first drop your dog off. Giving your dog the ability and confidence to not run out of an open door is life saving! This again is a skill you can practice with your dog at home.

By the end of the day your dog will be more well rounded, calmer, and happier! Practicing these skills with your dog at home not only builds a stronger bond between you and your dog, it also helps your dog to learn faster and more successfully.