Wag This Way’s boarding is a completely unique and enriching experience for your dog. We include our daycare into your dogs boarding stay! By including our daycare program into your dogs stay, your dog gets to play, socialize, learn and grow. 

Wag This Way is a live-in boarding facility. This means someone is here throughout the night with your dogs to insure their safety. We offer late night potty breaks and early morning wake ups so no dog has to hold it in for an extended period of time.

We do not believe in kenneling your dog for the entirety of their boarding stay. However, each dog is kenneled for their safety during feeding and sleeping times. We understand not all dogs enjoy the kenneling process so we offer kennel training to make it a positive experience for their stay. We even have some no “kennel” options for the dogs that require it.

We know dogs that live together create a strong bond with each other and feel more comfortable together. This is why we allow same family pets to be together (providing they get along).

Every dog that comes into our boarding facility is required to be up to date on the rabies, bordetella, distemper vaccines and have a negative fecal test (for parasites) as well as be on monthly flea and tick preventative.

All our dogs are required to pass a temperament test prior to their first day of attendance into our facility. This is to make sure all our dogs are dog-friendly so they can have a safe and fun stay!

We provide ALL the bedding, bowls and toys during your dogs boarding stay. All you need to bring is your pooch, their food, and treats in a sealed hard plastic container.

Everyone working at Wag This Way holds multiple safety, CPR and First Aid certifications so that we can provide the safest stay for you dog. Each of us is trained in administering medications, even giving insulin to diabetic dogs.

You can add enrichment activities to your dogs boarding stay. We offer Bike rides, Walks, Raw Bones, and Hikes (weather permitting). Hikes are only offered on the weekend.