About us 

Fully Insured, CPR & First Aid Pet Certified For Your Peace Of Mind & Your Pets Safety!

We require all our clients pets be up-to-date on the Boardetella, Distemper & Rabies vaccines. 


Here at Wag This Way we aim to offer a stress free grooming environment. We groom by appointment so your pup does not have to sit in a cage the majority of the day.  All pups get to go outside for a potty before and after their grooming. If your pup gets along with other dogs it does not have to be kept in a cage.

In order to keep your pups grooming experience stress free we require all grooming clients to pick up within an hour of our completion call. Unless you would like to add daycare to your pets spa day!


All grooms include: The Bath, Dry & Brush out/De-shed Nails Filed, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands Checked Plus The Haircut! 

We want everyone to be happy with their pups spa day the first time. However we are only human & dogs do not always sit still. If we ever miss anything or do not do the groom just right, Bring your pup back and we will fix it right away. 

Grooming is priced based on the size of dog, condition of coat & temperament. 

Call for your estimate today 850-276-6211


Is your beloved pup lonely or bored during your time at work?  By the time you get off work your pup has way more energy left then you do after a long day?  or are you planing a day trip & feel guilty leaving your pup at home all day?  Or maybe you just want your dog to have more socialization skills? 

 We have a solution! 

We offer an indoor open play experience for our daycare dogs with 24/7 access to clean drinking water & an outdoor potty area!  We have a large dog play area & a small dog play area. Our dogs are always accompanied by a capable, dog behavioral trained play attendant to insure the safety & well being of every pup.  Your pup will learn socialization skills as well as basic obedience.  

$20 for the day of play!

Add on's:

(we provide picture/video evidence)

Walk $10

Bike ride $10

Treadmill $10

Lunch $5 or bring your own. 

Get a bath at the end of your pups day of play and receive $5 off the normal price. 

Two or more visits per week and your pup is entered in our nail maintenance program. We will take care of your dogs nails on the house! 

*Males must be fixed for Daycare & Boarding, Females must not be in heat 


Here at Wag This Way, we provide a unique boarding experience. Your pup gets to be included in our daycare service so he or she does not have to be cooped up in a cage or kennel run all day! Your pup gets to run & play & learn with other well behaved pups!

You can still add to your pups boarding experience:

(we provide picture/video evidence)

Walk $10

Bike ride $10

Treadmill $10

Bed & Collar wash $15 

$5 off Bath price

Here's the best part, We live on site so your beloved pup is not alone during the night! 

Boarding is $30 per day

with $5 off each additional pup.


*Males must be fixed for Daycare & Boarding, Females must not be in heat